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70s Glam Returns: Celebrities Embrace the Glitter and Platforms Trend

70s Glam Returns: Celebrities Embrace the Glitter and Platforms Trend

Get ready to dust off your glittery platforms and bell-bottom pants because the 70s glam is back in style! The fashion world has been enamoured with groovy prints, statement pieces, and disco-era-inspired trends. From the red carpet to everyday streetwear, celebrities can't seem to get enough of it.

Let's take a look at which famous faces have embraced this revival and rocked these iconic trends like they never went away. .

Disco-Inspired Fashion is Back

As we are seeing fashion trends from the past make their way back into our modern times, disco-inspired fashion trends have caught our attention once again. Celebrities are embracing these nostalgic styles, and designers are releasing collections that feature eye-catching prints, flowy silhouettes, and plenty of metallics.

One of the most noticeable changes has been seen in jumpsuits and dresses. This year they’ve become a popular choice for evening wear again after losing popularity in recent years. A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé have frequently rocked these outfits with bright bold colors, sparkly embellishments on their bell sleeves or pants legs to add some extra pazazz.

But it’s not just about sequins! The use of shiny fabrics like satin or silk adds an element of glamour to both everyday as well as formal wear pieces. Designers today have been careful to keep authenticity at the forefront when choosing garments that reflect the disco era without overwhelming contemporary sensibilities.

Moreover, feather boas paired with tailored trousers and platform heels have made comebacks too but with some modern touches added alongside them like slinky tops under those blazers or garishly patterned dresses underneath coats which were also popular at discos during this time period.

We know how versatile a pair of sunglasses can be so get ready once again because oversized glasses are making headlines everywhere! They’re bigger than ever before and adding that wow factor everyone needs occasionally while still being functional enough for day-to-day use. In addition to glasses, accessories including big hoop earrings (think basketball hoops), chunky gold chains around necks(kept simple), micro handbags shaped delicately like perfume bottles – all reminiscent of 70’s style.

Disco fever doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon since these classic trends continue gaining momentum in recent seasons thanks mainly due towards celebrities who’ve kept this trend alive by revisiting old classics combined with new stylish additions. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to channel their inner disco diva once again!

The Return of ’70s Glam: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Fashion seems to be undergoing a time warp back to the seventies, where platform heels, glitter, and bold prints were all the rage. It’s not just in fashion shows or on catwalks that these trends are hot property; celebrities have been spotted wearing them too.

The significance of this trend lies in how it showcases that retro styles can never truly go out of style. This particular era was bold, fun-loving, and vibrant – all traits that people want in their lives now more than ever. You see many modern influencers channelling these styles with pride.

Brief history on 70s glam: It was during the late sixties when ’70s glam first came into being. People wanted something new, something different from the conservative designs they had seen for years before that. They craved color and vibrancy after years spent in monotony. When platforms hit the market in 1971, everything else paled behind them - they became an instant hit thanks to their ability to make consumers stand out from the crowd.

Towards mid-decade (mid-70s), this era’s style was at its height - everyone everywhere dressed up like their favorite stars such as David Bowie or Cher! From hairstyles to clothing choices - you name it- everything exuded glitz & glamour; Hence why we dub it “glam rock”. Even though trends started shifting towards minimalistic looks eventually but never went away completely either!

The Return of Glitter and Platforms

Glitz and glamour have returned to the fashion industry as glitter and platforms are back in style. From music festivals to red carpet events, celebrities can be seen rocking these trend-setting looks.

The ever-popular television personality Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing glittery outfits paired with platform shoes on multiple occasions. She was seen at a fashion event sporting a silver sequined mini dress with matching knee-high boots.

Another famous personality who has embraced this trend is singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. She wore an eye-catching head-to-toe Gucci look covered in neon green glitter from her bucket hat all the way down to her chunky platform sneakers at the 2020 American Music Awards.

Other celebrity sightings include comedian Tiffany Haddish giving her black suit a little sparkle with sequin-covered platforms while attending an awards show. Meanwhile, pop singer Miley Cyrus brought disco vibes into modern days by wearing a short silver mini-dress completed with tall red platform boots for her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Not only are these celebrities dressing up for special occasions; they’re staying true to their styles during daily life too. Model Ashley Graham has been seen walking around town looking fabulous while wearing gold strappy sandals paired with denim shorts.

Whether it’s through dresses or footwear, there’s no denying that glitter and platforms bring drama wherever they go!

Disco-Inspired Fashion is Back

The disco era of the ’70s was all about glamour, disco balls, and over-the-top fashion. The world was consumed by all things glitz and glam - from the music to the dance moves to the fashion choices. Guess what? After a long hiatus, this trend is back in full swing.

Today’s clothing designers have been taking inspiration from that era’s style in their creations- making it feel almost like you are going down memory lane with updated designs for present times.Most importantly, celebrities have also gotten behind this quirky yet inspiring look.

One celebrity who has taken on this ‘70s-inspired fashion trend with open arms is Harry Styles. With his oversized suits and flamboyant colored shirts beneath, he seems like he could fit right into a retro nightclub scene filled with vibrant lights- which might explain why his “Golden” music video oozes old-school charm.

Another celebrity who has made waves recently featuring some version of this sparkle-filled return of disco fashion movement: Dua Lipa! The singer recently debuted her own range of outfits inspired by 70s-era clubwear that includes several sequin-adorned numbers meant for dancing. She has chosen to be bold with bright colors in shades such as neon pink or lime green.

Disco isn’t solely contained just to top Hollywood-style icons; there are many other people out there rocking the throwback look too.

Whether it’s bell-bottomed pants, jumpsuits or platform shoes; these timeless pieces remind us once again how certain trends never get outdated when worn right – we’re excited to see more people dancing through life while donning clothes from this golden period!

Bell-bottoms Galore

Bell-bottom pants, which were hugely popular in the ’70s, have now made a big comeback to major designer collections. These iconic flared trousers are being embraced by celebrities and influencers worldwide who want to add a bold statement piece to their wardrobe.

Today’s bell-bottoms usually feature a high-waisted fit that accentuates curves while elongating the legs. Although they still come in denim fabric, newer versions of bell bottoms can range from corduroy pants for colder seasons or even lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen for warmer weather.

A comparison between photoshoots from older times where bell-bottom jeans used to be paired with platform shoes would show how fashion trends often repeat themselves over time rather than die out completely. For instance, modern fashionistas wear these with chunkier heels instead of platforms resulting in an elevated take on classic styles.

Overall, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay; designers and models alike continue displaying collection featuring upgraded versions of these retro-style pants designs – making us fall back in love again!

Bold Prints & Patterns Are Everywhere Again

The last few years have seen an explosion in bold prints and patterns on the runway, and many of these designs are throwbacks to the bold looks of the ’70s. From florals to polka dots to geometric shapes, these clashing prints are having a huge moment once again.

One major fan of this trend is Camila Mendes, who was spotted earlier this year wearing a bright green floral-print midi dress to an event in Los Angeles. The Riverdale star paired the look with matching green pumps and gold hoop earrings for added glam.

Another celebrity often seen sporting bold prints is model Bella Hadid. Her Instagram feed is full of photos showing off vibrant patterned outfits that make a statement. Some recent examples include ruffled dresses in striking yellow or orange hues adorned with colorful flowers.

Emily Ratajkowski is also no stranger when it comes to incorporating brilliant prints into her wardrobe. Whether she’s wearing abstract swirls or groovy stripes on her skirt or entire jumpsuits covered in multicolored patterns, Emily always finds ways to pull off psychedelic designs like she was born into them.

This trend not only provides an excellent way for people today to experiment with playful clothing but rekindles nostalgia among fans who lived at a time when being brashly colorful wasn’t frowned upon as much by society compared today’s fashion culture if we may add.

Whether you’re daring enough to go all out on your outfit’s patterns or want just some subtle accents here-and-there, our favorite celebs would agree that anything goes right now if done tastefully!

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, the ’70s glam fashion has made a triumphant return and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The prevalence of glitter, platforms, bell-bottoms and bold prints in today’s fashion is proof that vintage styles never truly go out of style.

Fashion has always been a cycle with old trends making comebacks and new ones introduced year after year. However, 70s-inspired fashion seems to have left an indelible mark on the industry that remains as relevant today as it did decades ago. The era’s emphasis on freedom of expression, bright colors, bold patterns and unique accessories continues to influence designers around the world.

It’s no surprise why celebrities are often seen sporting these retro looks on red carpets or in their daily lives. This resurgence in 70s glam proves that people will always love the eclectic nature of vintage clothing - from disco glamour to hippie chic.

Lastly, whether you’re feeling nostalgic for your favorite era or just looking for something different to wear, don’t hesitate to try out these retro trends yourself! With 70s glam back in full force and dominating runways globally this season; there’s no better time than now to embrace your inner groovy self!