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Breaking the Mold: Victorias Secret Features Plus-Size Models in Fashion Show Debut

Breaking the Mold: Victorias Secret Features Plus-Size Models in Fashion Show Debut

Victoria's Secret has long been criticized for their lack of diversity and size inclusivity on the runway. However, in a groundbreaking move, the lingerie giant has finally featured plus-size models in their annual fashion show.

This marks a significant step towards greater body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. .

Victoria’s Secret Takes Steps to Increase Inclusivity

Victoria’s Secret has been a staple in the lingerie industry for several decades now. Their fashion shows have become world-renowned events featuring top models showcasing stunning pieces. However, over the years, they’ve faced criticism regarding their lack of inclusivity and representation of diverse body types.

In past years, Victoria’s Secret fashion shows have only featured thin women with what some may say are unrealistic body standards. This exclusion has caused outrage among many people who want to see more diversity on the runway. The company has responded by taking steps to increase inclusivity.

Controversy Surrounding Previous Fashion Shows

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry. It features beautiful models wearing intricate lingerie pieces that cost thousands of dollars each. However, it wasn’t always so exciting for everyone watching.

Over time, there were calls for more diverse representation from critics who deemed Victoria’s Secret’s narrow definition of beauty outdated and damaging. They felt that it perpetuated negative stereotypes about female bodies and reinforced an unhealthy obsession with unattainable beauty standards.

Critics claimed that every year at this event, audiences around the globe would watch models parade around a glittery stage sporting tiny outfits while looking super thin - representing only one type of woman when actually women come in all sizes and shapes.

Victoria’s Secret Announces Feature of Plus-Size Models in Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret announced a major change in their upcoming fashion shows: they will feature plus-size models on the runway. The announcement was made via a press release that stated, “We are proud to expand our runway and offer an inclusive show that represents all body types.” This news comes after years of criticism directed at Victoria’s Secret for promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

According to insiders, this decision was not made lightly. In fact, it had been a topic of discussion within the company for several months before being finalized. One executive commented, “We recognize that our brand has been exclusionary in the past, and we are committed to changing that going forward.”

The response on social media was mixed. Some applauded the move as long overdue, while others criticized it as too little too late. Many pointed out that other brands had already incorporated plus-size models into their marketing campaigns and fashion shows. However, despite some negative reactions, there was also an overwhelming amount of support from those who felt underrepresented by traditional fashion shows.

Victoria’s Secret has yet to announce which specific models will be walking in the show or how many will be featured overall. However, with this new direction towards inclusivity, they have no doubt opened up avenues for women who previously may have felt left out by mainstream fashion.

Backlash Over Victoria’s Secret Including Plus-Size Models in Fashion Show

While some people were thrilled to see Victoria’s Secret finally move toward inclusivity, others were not so pleased. Social media platforms exploded with reactions from both supporters and critics of the decision.

One Twitter user wrote, “Sorry but I don’t want to see plus size models on a VS runway. They’re called ANGELS for a reason!” This sentiment was echoed by many who felt that plus-size models did not fit the standard that Victoria’s Secret had always upheld.

Others took issue with what they perceived as tokenism, arguing that it was too little too late for Victoria’s Secret. One Instagram comment read, “Wow congrats [Victoria’s Secret] you included two plus size models out of hundreds. Please pat yourselves on the back because your work here is done.”

However, there were also those who celebrated the move as an important step forward. Many expressed excitement at seeing more diverse body types represented in such a major fashion event. As one tweet put it, “Seeing bodies like mine on the runway makes me feel so seen and empowered! Thank you #VictoriasSecret.”

The Casting Process

Once Victoria’s Secret announced that they would be featuring plus-size models in their fashion show, many people were wondering how they would go about casting these models. Would they use the same process as they did for their “regular-sized” models? Or would it be something completely different?

According to a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret, the casting process for plus-size models was similar to that of all their other models. The brand put out an open call and invited agencies to submit candidates. They then held auditions with hopefuls, where they looked at everything from measurements to walk and overall presence.

However, there were some challenges during this process that Victoria’s Secret had not necessarily faced before. One such challenge was finding plus-size models who fit the brand’s image and aesthetic. Victoria’s Secret has always been known for its sexy lingerie and glamorous runway shows, so finding plus-size models who could embody those qualities was important.

Another challenge was ensuring that the clothes fit properly on each model, given that everyone has a different body shape and size. This meant more fittings than usual to ensure that each model felt comfortable and confident on the runway.

Despite these challenges, Victoria’s Secret ultimately cast several plus-size models in their fashion show debut — a move which many saw as historic and ground-breaking in terms of inclusivity in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Show

Finally, the major event took place. After much anticipation surrounding Victoria’s Secret’s decision to feature plus-size models in its show, it was time for the world to see how fully inclusive they had become.

The atmosphere was electric as each model walked down the runway, showcasing their stunning outfits with grace and poise. As usual, there were glitzy wings and bedazzled lingerie on display, as well as a range of other attire that demonstrated Victorias Secret’s commitment to empowering all women regardless of shape or size.

But what stood out most about this year’s fashion show was how varied and diverse the models were. There was a wide range of body types represented on stage throughout the evening - from curvaceous to slim - which is precisely what people have been asking from Victoria’s Secret for years.

Viewers who attended were thrilled with how everything went down and couldn’t wait to share their thoughts with others online. All over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram- people shared images from the show along with messages conveying positivity towards Victoria Secret’s new direction.

However, not everyone was happy about it. For some critics who had previously accused Victoria’s Secret of being narrow-minded in their representation of beauty standards; these changes weren’t enough. They argued that it would take more than just casting plus-size models to make real progress toward inclusivity in fashion culture.

Nevertheless, many believe that featuring Plus Size Models at such large-scale events is an essential step towards promoting body-positivity & self-love among youth worldwide—it shows individuals that different kinds are beautiful too!


After years of criticism for lack of inclusivity, Victoria’s Secret finally took a step towards expanding their representation. The decision to feature plus-size models in their fashion show debut was met with both praise and backlash. However, it marks a positive move towards body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

It is important to consider the impact that popular brands such as Victoria’s Secret have on societal standards and beauty ideals. By featuring more diverse models, they are sending a message that all body types are beautiful and worthy of being represented in mainstream media.

The casting process itself was not without flaws, as some models pointed out that only certain “acceptable” plus-size bodies were chosen. This highlights the need for continued efforts towards true diversity and representation.

Overall, while there is still much progress to be made, this move by Victoria’s Secret should be celebrated as a step in the right direction. It sets an important precedent for other major brands to follow suit and further promote body positivity and inclusivity.