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Love Triangle: When Friendship is Tested

Love Triangle: When Friendship is Tested

The sun was setting in the horizon as Sarah walked down the empty street. She had a strange feeling in her gut that something wasn't right. It felt like she was being watched, but when she looked around, there was no one there. Suddenly, a cold breeze blew past her and made her shiver.

As she picked up her pace to get home, a rustling noise from behind startled her. She turned around to see what it was, but there was nothing there except for an old abandoned house with broken windows and overgrown weeds surrounding it. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of an adventure that would change her life forever. .

The Introduction

Emily and Jessica had been best friends since they were little girls. They grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, and did everything together. Emily was an introverted girl who loved reading books and playing video games. She was smart, funny, and always there when Jessica needed her.

Jessica was a different story altogether. She was outgoing, confident, and popular among their peers. She loved parties, dancing, and making new friends wherever she went. Despite their differences in personality types, they were inseparable as if two peas in a pod.

As they entered high school together with full of excitement for what awaited them ahead of time - meeting new people from other schools around the city or even beyond it! With all that said about their relationship so far though come some problems which I am going to explain later on in this book where things get complicated thanks to one person: Jack.

Despite the challenges that may present themselves along the way concerning their friendship as well as love lives; Emily & Jessica remained close throughout everything life threw at them - that is until they meet Jack at a party one night…

The Encounter

Emily and Jessica arrived at the party, feeling excited to let loose and have some fun. As they were making their way through the crowd, Emily’s eyes locked with those of a strikingly handsome man across the room.

It was Jack. He stood out from everyone else in the room. His disarming smile grabbed her attention instantly, making her heart race faster than she had ever felt before.

Jessica noticed Emily’s sudden distraction and followed her gaze to see what was causing it. She saw Jack too and immediately understood why Emily was so fixated on him.

Emily tried to play it cool as she made conversation with him for the first time, but inside she was a bundle of nerves. She couldn’t shake off how drawn she felt towards this man who barely knew her name.

As they talked more throughout the night, Emily realized that there was something special about Jack that went beyond his good looks – he had an effortless charm about him that put everyone at ease.

Meanwhile, Jessica also found herself drawn to Jack’s magnetic personality. Even though she could tell that Emily was interested in him, Jessica couldn’t help but feel a connection with him too.

The three of them ended up spending most of the night together laughing and talking like old friends. As they parted ways at the end of the evening, Emily couldn’t stop thinking about seeing Jack again soon – even if it meant potentially complicating things between her and Jessica.

Confessing Their Feelings

Emily and Jessica sat in Jessica’s bedroom, their legs crossed on the bedspread. They had been talking for hours about everything going on in their lives when Emily finally spoke up.

”I have to tell you something,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Jessica turned to look at her friend, concern etched on her face. “What’s wrong?” she asked gently.

”It’s about Jack,” Emily said hesitantly. She took a deep breath before continuing. “I think I might have feelings for him.”

The admission hung heavy in the air between them as Emily waited nervously for Jessica’s response. When none came, she turned to look at her friend and was surprised to see tears streaming down Jessica’s face.

”What is it?” Emily asked, alarmed by the sudden outburst of emotion.

”It’s just that…” Jessica trailed off, taking a few shaky breaths before continuing. “I think I might like Jack too.”

Emily felt like the wind had been knocked out of her as she processed what Jessica had just said. She had always assumed that if one of them developed feelings for someone else, it wouldn’t be a big deal because they would never let it come between them. But now that it had happened, things suddenly felt more complicated than ever before.

”I’m sorry,” Emily said softly after a moment of silence. “I didn’t mean for this to happen."

"It’s not your fault,” Jessica replied just as quietly. “We can figure this out together.”

The Decision

Emily and Jessica have known each other since they were little girls. They shared everything, from toys to secrets, and swore that their friendship would last forever. But now a new challenge has arisen in their relationship – Jack.

They both met him at the same party and fell for his charming personality. Emily was the first to confess her feelings for Jack, but soon after that, Jessica revealed that she too had developed strong emotions towards him.

The two friends knew they couldn’t let this infatuation come between them. After all, their bond was unbreakable. So they decided to handle the situation maturely by agreeing to pursue Jack together without any animosity or jealousy between them.

They made an agreement on how they would approach Jack and decided on specific boundaries not to cross with each other. Their pact was simple: no fighting over Jack, no backstabbing or giving up on each other.

Their strategy seemed reasonable at first until things got more complicated as time went by. Despite their best efforts, it became increasingly difficult not to become competitive when it came down to winning over Jack’s heart.

But every time one of them felt jealous or insecure about losing out on Jack’s attention - which happened quite often -they quickly reminded themselves of what mattered most: their friendship.

In conclusion, Emily and Jessica hoped that keeping things friendly and fair would prevent any rifts from forming between them regarding Jack. However, as they embarked upon pursuing him together while trying not to hurt one another’s feelings in the process proved harder than expected…


Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Emily and Jessica had been trying their best to keep things normal between them, but it was getting harder with each passing day. Both of them were head-over-heels in love with Jack, and they could no longer hide it from each other.

Emily would always catch Jessica sneaking glances at Jack when he wasn’t looking, while Jessica would do the same to her. They both knew what was happening but refused to acknowledge it out loud. They didn’t want to ruin the friendship they cherished so much.

However, hiding their feelings was starting to take a toll on their relationship as friends. They started avoiding each other more often than not, which only caused more tension between them. Even something as simple as grabbing lunch together became awkward.

It all came crashing down one evening when Emily got a text from Jack asking her out on a date that weekend. She couldn’t believe it! Her heart felt like it would burst with happiness…and guilt.

She knew that this meant she’d have to tell Jessica about her date with Jack, which might hurt her friend’s feelings deeply. On the other hand, if she declined Jack’s offer, she’d be sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of their friendship.

Emily finally decided to break the news to Jessica but couldn’t find the right words. She stuttered and stumbled over sentences until finally blurting out that she had a date with Jack that weekend.

Jessica’s face fell instantly upon hearing this news – her worst fears had come true! She tried hard not to show how much this hurt her but failed miserably.

Their once-precious friendship seemed like it was falling apart at its seams over a guy who neither girl could seem to resist despite knowing how much damage he could cause.

Choosing Sides

The tension between Emily and Jessica has been growing for weeks as their feelings for Jack have become more intense. One night, during a heated argument, Emily accuses Jessica of sneaking around behind her back with Jack. Jessica is shocked and hurt by the accusation.

”How could you even think that I would do something like that?” Jessica yells at Emily, tears streaming down her face. “I thought we were best friends.”

Emily doesn’t back down. “I saw the way you were looking at him last time we were all together. You can’t deny that there’s something going on between you two.”

Jessica denies any wrongdoing and insists that she would never betray their friendship in that way. But Emily refuses to believe her.

After the argument, they stop talking to each other completely. Their once strong bond has been broken over a boy who can’t choose between them.

Emily tries to reach out to Jessica multiple times but is met with silence every time. She realizes too late how much their friendship means to her and wishes she could take back what she said.

Days turn into weeks without any communication between them until eventually they both start hanging out with different friend groups and moving on from each other’s lives.

But deep down, both girls feel a sense of regret and sadness knowing that their once unbreakable connection was ruined over something as trivial as a boy who wasn’t worth it.

The Love Confession

Jack sat nervously on the couch, his palms sweating as he prepared himself to tell one of his best friends that he had fallen in love with her. Emily and Jessica were both sitting across from him, their eyes fixed on Jack, waiting for him to speak.

”I have something I need to tell you both,” Jack said hesitantly. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now and I can’t keep it bottled up anymore.”

Emily and Jessica exchanged concerned glances before turning their attention back to Jack.

”I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think I’m in love with one of you,” Jack said.

Both girls gasped in surprise. They had no idea that Jack felt this way about either of them.

”But- which one of us?” Emily asked anxiously.

”That’s the thing,” Jack replied. “I don’t know yet. Every time I try to figure out my feelings, they just get more complicated.”

Jessica looked hurt at the thought of sharing her potential lovers with another person while Emily seemed equally confused by what was happening.

”Can someone give me a reason why we are even discussing this?” Jessica spoke up after a moment of silence.

”I want you both to know how much you mean to me,” Jack explained earnestly. “But if we’re going to move forward from here, then we need some clarity on where everyone stands.”

The room fell silent again as they took all those thoughts and emotions in.

The Heartbreak

Emily felt a sharp pang in her chest as Jack announced that he had chosen Jessica. She tried to keep up a brave smile, but it was clear she was hurting inside. Her best friend and the man she loved were now together, leaving her feeling alone and rejected.

As they hugged goodbye, Emily could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She didn’t want to cry in front of them so she quickly turned away and headed towards her car.

Trying to Move On

The next few weeks were tough for Emily. Everywhere she looked, there seemed to be reminders of Jack and Jessica’s relationship. Social media was filled with their lovey-dovey posts and pictures from their dates.

But Emily knew that wallowing in self-pity wasn’t going to help anything. So she threw herself into her work, taking on extra projects at the office and working late nights.

In her free time, Emily started exploring new hobbies like painting and hiking - things that would distract her mind from thoughts of Jack. It wasn’t easy at first, but slowly Emily started feeling better about herself.

A New Beginning

Months passed by, and Emily found herself becoming more content with life without Jack or Jessica around all the time. She even started dating again – something she never thought possible after what happened with Jack.

One day while out on a hike, Emily met someone who caught her eye: a kind-hearted guy named Tom who shared many of the same interests as hers. They hit it off immediately, bonding over their mutual love for nature and adventure sports.

Before long they were inseparable too; having fun-filled weekends exploring nearby parks or trying out new cafes around town together. For once in a long time, everything felt right again for Emily – like she had finally found happiness without depending on anyone else’s validation or affection!