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The Best Train Journeys in the World: A Scenic Adventure for All!

The Best Train Journeys in the World: A Scenic Adventure for All!

Train journeys have an old-world charm that has captivated travellers since their inception. The slow and steady pace of travel allows passengers to sit back, relax, and take in the stunning scenery beyond the windows.

From mountain ranges shrouded by mist to expansive oceans as far as the eye can see, train travel offers a unique perspective on the world's most beautiful landscapes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best train journeys across the globe that are guaranteed to take your breath away!.


Train journeys have a romantic appeal that is difficult to ignore. They present an exciting opportunity to explore stunning landscapes, relax in luxurious cabins, and indulge in exquisite cuisine while traversing the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Train companies around the world offer amazing voyages that will take your breath away.

The Orient Express

One of the most iconic train journeys worldwide is The Orient Express. Launched in 1883, this legendary service offers passengers a chance to travel back in time while enjoying exceptional service and luxury. Once aboard, riders are given a tour of their cabin before being served with champagne and snacks as they begin their journey.

The route options for the Orient Express include Paris to Istanbul or Venice, each with its own particular charm and history. The train passes through some of Europe’s beautiful cities such as Vienna & Budapest and showcase intricate wood paneling throughout the carriages.

The opulence does not stop there - expect candelabras on tables at dinner along with white tablecloths as you enjoy your meal created by acclaimed chefs.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer provides an extraordinary experience showcasing Canada’s natural beauty like never before- where every turn reveals panoramic vistas filled with wildlife and natural wonders. One highlight from Vancouver to Banff takes four days to complete but allows ample opportunities to appreciate British Columbia’s snow-capped peaks and turquoise lakes that seem almost surreal against clear blue skies.

Aboard panoramic trains consisting of glass-topped carriages, Rocky Mountaineer has two classes: GoldLeaf Service which features picture windows offering full views of surroundings; bi-level dome coaches providing awe-inspiring views from all angles; luxurious dining rooms on wheels featuring hot breakfasts cooked-to-order & multi-course dinners paired perfectly with local wines.

Trans-Siberian Railway

For those who crave adventure or seek out-of-the-box travel experiences, Trans-Siberian Railway presents a fantastic avenue to explore Russia’s vast interior with luxury services in various cabins. The journey on Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest train ride globally, stretching up to 9,200 kilometers across four time zones.

There are different classes of service offered aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway and include compartment-style sleeping quarters and fine dining options. Throughout an extensive trip, passengers will encounter beautiful landscapes including serene lakes and wooded forests as well as modern towns & cities.


These journeys provide guests with an unforgettable experience that combines adventure & luxury. Whether you prefer world-class cuisine or breathtaking scenery, these journeys offer a little something for everyone.


Train travel has an undeniable appeal. There’s something romantic and nostalgic about the act of boarding a train, watching new landscapes unfold as you journey to your destination in comfort and style. From luxurious trips through the Swiss Alps to rugged routes spanning the Siberian plains, there is no shortage of incredible train journeys around the world.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply want to sit back and take in some stunning scenery, there’s a train ride out there that will exceed your expectations. Over the next few pages, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most exciting train journeys available today. So pack your bags, grab your ticket and let’s get started!

The Orient Express

Few trains are as legendary as The Orient Express. This iconic railway line first opened in 1883 and quickly became known for its unparalleled luxury and glamourous clientele. Today, it remains one of the most sought-after train journeys in Europe.

The modern-day Orient Express offers travelers two different routes: one from London to Venice via Paris; another from Istanbul to Bucharest via Budapest. Both options provide passengers with an unforgettable experience complete with impeccable service, gourmet cuisine, and extravagant décor inspired by Art Deco.

For those interested in truly indulging themselves on their journey across Europe aboard this famous locomotive, top-tier cabins offer private bathrooms with showers - not to mention access to The Grand Hotel Wien’s exclusive Kempinski Club Lounge at Vienna Station.

Rocky Mountaineer

If breathtaking natural beauty is what you seek then Rocky Mountaineer should be on top of your list! One of Canada’s most popular tourist attractions takes you deep into Canada’s rugged terrain showcasing majestic mountainscapes that would leave anyone speechless. Starting from Vancouver over four different routes leading onto Jasper-Lake Louise-Banff-Calgary where tourists can gaze upon beautiful turquoise lakes carved out over centuries by glaciers flowing down towering mountain peaks

The train’s glass-topped carriages provide an uninterrupted view of the scenery, allowing you to take in every detail of the landscape - from towering peaks to thundering waterfalls. Each journey features sumptuous onboard dining with all-inclusive meals that frequently showcase fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Our next journey takes us across Asia on the world-renowned Trans-Siberian Railway, otherwise known as the “journey of a lifetime”. This epic railway line begins in Moscow and spans over 6,000 miles before ending at Vladivostok, covering an entire gamut of landscapes - vast forests, endless steppes, deserts and even crossing over one-third of the globe.

Passengers can choose from different cabin classes depending on their budget: basic third class seats multi-bed rooms while first-class cabins incorporate en-suite bathroom facilities along with various added amenities such as a private chef or VIP lounge access. Regardless of what option you select, you’ll be treated to truly unforgettable views overlooking Siberia’s varied terrain – one expects there’ll never be a dull moment aboard this iconic train.

That was just a preview! There are many more breathtaking train journeys available around the world that can quench your thirst for travel and adventure. So choose your route…and away we go!

The History and Luxuries of the Orient Express Train

Ever since its launch in 1883, The Orient Express has been a legend among trains. Initially conceptualized as a regular service between Paris and Constantinople (now Istanbul), it quickly became known for luxury travel akin to a hotel on rails. From the beginning, celebrities, aristocrats, diplomats, and other well-to-do people all flocked aboard.

The Orient Express played an important role during both World Wars. It was used to transport troops and other passengers of all nationalities to various destinations across Europe. After World War II ended, the train continued its services until 2009 when it finally stopped its operations due to competition from airlines.

The modern-day version of this iconic train offers multiple route options across Europe as well as new routes through Southeast Asia like Bangkok and Singapore. One can embark on a short day trip or choose one that lasts up to six days depending on one’s preference for adventure.

The amenities in the modern-day luxurious cars are unmatched by any other form of travel. Onboard dining is exquisite with skilled chefs preparing sumptuous meals using fresh local ingredients sourced along the way while bars serve refreshing drinks - sparkling champagne being amongst one of them!

The Rocky Mountaineer: A Journey Through Canada’s Gorgeous Landscape

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury tourist train that offers breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies. This train journey is considered an engineering marvel, as it passes through some of the most rugged and stunning landscapes in North America.

The train features glass-topped carriages, allowing passengers to have unobstructed views of the mountains and valleys surrounding them. The interiors are exquisitely designed with plush seats and large windows for maximum viewing pleasure.

One of the most popular routes on this train is from Vancouver to Banff. The journey starts in Vancouver, where passengers board the train early in the morning. As they move away from downtown Vancouver, they’ll be treated to stunning views of Howe Sound, a deep fjord dotted with small islands.

As the train continues along its route, it winds its way through lush rainforests before reaching Fraser Valley. This valley is known for its fertile farmlands and impressive mountain ranges which provide a scenic backdrop throughout your journey.

Passengers will then head towards Kamloops where they spend their first night in comfortable hotels before resuming their trip by rail again. Leaving Kamloops behind at sunrise marks a day full of surprises as trains start ascending up into Canadian Rockies while passengers enjoy breakfast onboard gazing out over Silver Creek Canyon’s rushing waters below.

Finally, reaching Jasper National Park as you take in unforgettable panoramas like Athabasca Falls and Maligne Canyon all experienced via sleek railways coaches equipped with amenities such as open-air vestibules or lounge cars serving drinks anytime guests want them–all included!

Trans-Siberian Railway: A Journey Across 7 Time Zones

The Trans-Siberian Railway is not only the longest railway line in the world, but it is also one of the most famous. The history of this railway dates back to the late 19th century when Russia was seeking better connections with its eastern regions. Today, it is considered an engineering marvel that stretches almost 6,000 miles across two continents from Moscow in Europe to Vladivostok on Russia’s east coast.

Travelers have various classes of service to choose from depending on their comfort levels and budgets. Some compartments offer basic amenities while others are equipped with private washrooms and luxurious furnishings designed for maximum comfort during long journeys.

But what captures the imagination of travelers more than anything else is how they can experience different landscapes and cultural experiences as they journey through seven time zones. The stunning scenery starts immediately upon leaving Moscow with views of snow-covered forests, crystal clear lakes like Baikal – known as the Pearl of Siberia-, small towns along railway stations before reaching Vladivostok.

Passengers will get a chance to witness firsthand how people live throughout Siberia, seeing snow-capped mountains, frozen rivers running below ice bridges in winter or scenic pastures filled with wildflowers during summer months. The train passes through several cities such as Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk where passengers may halt for sightseeing tours before continuing their journey eastward.

Overall, traveling aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway provides visitors an adventure unlike any other rail travel experience in the world. From glimpses into Russia’s rich culture to enjoying vast wilderness expanses that cannot be seen anywhere else on earth, it truly deserves being included on every traveler’s bucket list!

The Stunning Scenic Journey of the Glacier Express

Switzerland’s Glacier Express has been hailed as the slowest express train in the world with its breathtaking journey through narrow valleys, over majestic mountains passes and across hillsides adorned by vineyards. This beautiful 7.5-hour ride from St Moritz to Zermatt is often considered one of Switzerland’s most scenic journeys.

As you get cosy in your seat, you’ll soon notice how comfortable and spacious they are, perfect for gazing out at snow-capped peaks through the huge panoramic windows that give fantastic views of stunning scenery outside. The interiors are tastefully decorated with wooden accents giving off an old-school charm.

The Glacier Express moves slowly but surely throughout its spectacular journey that takes passengers through a total of 91 tunnels, including the famous Landwasser Viaduct which has become an iconic landmark along this rail route; a sight to behold given it stretches out over 200 metres long.

As it snails its way towards Zermatt, deep into Valais region—the heart of Swiss wine country—you will be immersed in some truly stunning landscapes full of green forests and meadows flanked by the towering peaks of Swiss Alps covered in snow.

This railway line was originally constructed more than 100 years ago for locals who were looking for a faster way to travel between two cardinal points without having to cross mountainous terrain manually. These days it remains a highlight for tourists looking for an authentic experience while discovering different regions within Switzerland on board this magical train journey.

VI. Conclusion

This list of the best train journeys in the world has taken us from lush tropical jungles to soaring mountain peaks and vast steppes, all while enjoying luxurious amenities on board some of the world’s most iconic trains.

While all these journeys are undeniably breathtaking, what made them truly unforgettable were the moments we experienced: watching a sunrise over snow-capped mountains, tasting local delicacies as we chugged through charming towns, and connecting with fellow passengers who share our love for adventure and travel.

If you’re feeling inspired to plan your own adventure by train (and let’s be real, who isn’t after reading this list!), here are some tips to help make it happen:

  • Research train companies carefully before booking - each offers unique experiences and prices vary greatly.
  • Pack light! While some trains offer spacious cabins with plenty of luggage storage space, others require that bags be stored overhead or under seats.
  • Be open to meeting new people. Train travel is a great way to connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the world!
  • Bring books or other entertainment for downtime spent onboard.

So whether you choose to venture across Siberia, journey through Canada’s Rocky Mountains or explore Switzerland by rail — there’s nothing quite like seeing the world pass before your eyes at 60 miles an hour aboard one of these incredible trains.