Roommate Remix: The Unexpected Bond Between a College Student and a Drag Queen

Roommate Remix: The Unexpected Bond Between a College Student and a Drag Queen

As the sun began to set over the small town of Millfield, Indiana, a group of teenagers made their way through the cornfields towards an abandoned farmhouse. The rumors had been circulating for years about strange occurrences happening at this particular location, but no one had ever been brave enough to investigate. That was until now.

The group approached the decaying structure with caution, heart rates rising and palms sweating in anticipation. Little did they know that what they were about to uncover would change their lives forever. .

The First Meeting

It was Emily’s first day in college, and she was both excited and nervous. She had been looking forward to this for years, but the thought of sharing a dorm room with someone she didn’t know made her uneasy.

As she entered the room, she saw a tall figure wearing high heels, glittery clothing, and an extravagant wig. She realized that it was her roommate Lola.

Lola turned around and greeted Emily with a loud “Hello darling! I’m Lola!” Emily felt overwhelmed by Lola’s energy and wasn’t sure how to react.

”Hi,” Emily said quietly. “I’m Emily.”

As they unpacked their belongings together, Lola talked non-stop about herself - her love for makeup, performing drag shows on campus, and being involved in LGBTQ activism.

Emily tried to listen politely but couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. She had never met anyone like Lola before.

Lola introduces Emily to the world of drag shows

Emily had never been to a drag show before, and she was quite nervous when Lola first invited her. She had seen pictures and videos online, but she didn’t know what to expect in person. Nevertheless, she agreed to go with Lola.

When they arrived at the venue, Emily’s jaw dropped at the sight of all the colorful costumes and elaborate makeup. The performers were stunningly beautiful, with towering wigs and glittering gowns that shimmered under the stage lights.

As they watched the show together, Emily felt more relaxed around Lola than ever before. Seeing how happy Lola was on stage made her understand why this art form meant so much to her roommate.

A new bond forms between them

After the show ended, they talked excitedly about their favorite performers over pizza slices at a nearby restaurant. It was then that Emily realized how much she enjoyed spending time with Lola outside of their dorm room.

They bonded over shared experiences from growing up in small towns or watching classic movies from Audrey Hepburn era. They even discovered that they both loved baking cookies for stress relief during exams week.

By the end of the night, Emily felt like she had gained a new friend - someone who challenged her preconceived notions about life while also supporting her through uncertainty.

Understanding Lola’s Struggles

Emily had always been someone who tried to avoid conflict. She was uncomfortable in situations where people were being treated unfairly, but she never knew what to do or say about it. However, living with Lola had opened her eyes to a whole new world of discrimination and prejudice that she had never experienced before.

Lola would tell Emily stories about the times when she was harassed on the street for wearing drag makeup or clothing. She talked about how people would stare at her and make rude comments, even though all she wanted to do was express herself through her art form.

At first, Emily didn’t know how to react to these stories. She felt sorry for Lola and angry at the people who mistreated her, but there didn’t seem like there was anything she could do about it. However, as time went on, Emily started to realize that just listening and supporting Lola was making a difference.

Embracing Individuality

As well as learning more about the challenges faced by drag queens like Lola, Emily also began to see a new side of herself. She had always felt like an outsider because of her introverted nature and love of things that weren’t considered “cool” by society’s standards.

However, seeing how confident Lola was in expressing herself gave Emily inspiration to embrace her own individuality too. With Lola’s encouragement, she started experimenting with different fashion styles and makeup looks that made her feel good about herself.

It wasn’t always easy - sometimes Emily still worried what others might think - but having someone like Lola in her life who accepted and celebrated their differences helped give Emily the confidence boost she needed.

Together, they continued discovering more aspects of each other’s lives which ultimately led them into deep friendship based upon mutual respect for each other’s individualities.

Finding Confidence through Self-Expression

Emily had always been a bit of an introvert, preferring to blend into the background rather than stand out. That all changed when she met Lola, her drag queen roommate who embodied everything Emily was not: flamboyant, bold and unapologetically herself.

At first, Emily wasn’t sure what to make of Lola’s over-the-top makeup and clothing styles. But as they spent more time together, something about Lola’s confidence began to rub off on her. One day while playing dress-up in their dorm room, Lola encouraged Emily to try on one of her wigs and experiment with some bold lipstick.

At first hesitant, Emily soon found herself getting caught up in the fun of it all. She admired herself in the mirror wearing bright red lipstick and a colorful wig that made her feel like a whole new person.

With each new outfit or makeup look that Lola helped her create, Emily felt a little more confident in herself. It was like she was shedding her old skin and emerging as someone new - someone more daring and adventurous than she ever thought possible.

As they walked around campus together sporting outrageous outfits and eye-catching accessories, Emily noticed people looking at them differently - with admiration instead of judgement. For once in her life she felt seen and appreciated for who she really was.

Through self-expression, Emily discovered a newfound sense of confidence that spilled over into other areas of her life as well. She started speaking up more often in class discussions and even joined a club that she had previously been too intimidated to try out for.

It wasn’t just about the clothes or makeup though - it was about giving herself permission to be whoever she wanted to be without fear of judgement or rejection. And for that reason alone, this experience would stay with Emily long after college ended.

The Support System: How Lola Helped Emily Through Tough Times

Emily sat on her bed, staring at the blank page in front of her. She had been struggling with a difficult essay for days and felt like she was getting nowhere. Despite trying to stay focused, her thoughts kept drifting to the argument she had with her mom earlier that day.

Just then, Lola burst into the room, dressed in an elaborate pink gown and matching wig. Emily couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her roommate’s dramatic entrance.

”What’s up, girl?” Lola asked as she flopped down onto her own bed.

Emily hesitated for a moment before opening up about everything that was weighing on her mind. To her surprise, Lola didn’t judge or criticize - instead, she listened intently and offered sympathetic words of encouragement.

”You got this,” Lola said firmly when Emily finished speaking. “You’re strong enough to get through anything.”

Over the next few days, Lola became Emily’s rock as she dealt with personal issues and academic struggles. Whenever Emily felt overwhelmed or discouraged, Lola was there with a listening ear and an uplifting pep talk.

As their friendship deepened through these tough times, Emily realized just how lucky she was to have someone like Lola in her life. Together, they could face any challenge that came their way.

Emily’s Graduation Speech

As Emily stood at the podium, she felt a mix of emotions. It was hard to believe that her college experience had come to an end. But more than anything, she felt grateful for the journey and for the people who had helped her along the way.

”Four years ago,” she began, “I moved into my dorm room as a shy and introverted freshman. I didn’t know what to expect from college or from life in general. But then I met Lola.”

Emily paused for a moment, looking out at the sea of faces in front of her. She saw Lola sitting in the front row, beaming with pride.

”Lola taught me so much about acceptance and self-expression,” Emily continued. “She showed me that it’s okay to be different, that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd.”

The audience listened intently as Emily spoke about how Lola had helped her find herself - through makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and plenty of late-night talks about life.

”And most importantly,” Emily said with a smile, “Lola showed me what true friendship looks like.”

There was thunderous applause as Emily stepped down from the stage. As she made her way over to Lola, tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.

”I can’t believe we’re graduating,” Emily said softly as they embraced.

”Me neither,” Lola replied with a grin. “But don’t worry - we’ll always have each other.”